The dictionary defines ‘Family Ties’ as ‘family bonds, familial connection, blood relations, relations among relatives’. Like it or not, but we all will be connected for life! And beyond!

The family can be tied in many ways. The Family Day in August 2011 is an example of successful bonding. At least, that’s what we are hoping for.

But also the publication of the Heyning family in the “Blauwe Boekje” (The official publication of Dutch Patrician families) is a valuable asset.

All these initiatives cost time and money. In the past, Uncle Eduard Heyning spent both al lot of time and money in researching the family history. We thought it would be fair to share these responsibilities and to create an more structural platform for this type of activities.

For this reason, The Heyning Foundation was founded in 2011. The sole purpose: bonding the Heyning Family.

Donations to the foundation will be used for all family related initiatives. Therefore, it will be a joint effort, linking all branches of the family together.

Since 2016 the Boardmembers are:

Nicolaas  Heyning
Daan Heijning
Ingrid Boekamp-Heyning
Chaja Heyning
Alexander Heijning
Julius Heyning
Roderick Heyning
Dignus Heijning


The Heyning Foundation will communicate through this website :

Many thanks and we hope to see you all before the next reunion!